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There were six crofter’s farms at Bøensætre. The biggest, Søndre Bøensætre, had a special position. When it became a freehold farm in 1822, it achieved a slightly higher living standard. But there was still a good sense of togetherness amongst the small farms, and the inhabitants on the farms over the years would help each other as best they could. Many of the old buildings still stand. Most of Bøensætre has been restored, and today we offer comfortable accommodation, perhaps not the most luxurious, but still a good standard.Over the years, many large families have lead full lives here in the Bøensætre area.  At the beginning of the 1900s, there were so many children in the area that Bøensætre was designated as a separate school district. The old schoolhouse was operational until the 1950s and still reflects character of its educational past, in part due to a large 1934 map of Europe on display.